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PE-51® Deodorizer for Artificial Grass - Fresh Cut Grass Scent- 32oz. Bottle -Concentrated Bottle with Nozzle Included - Pet Urine Odor Neutralizer (#11730)



PE-51 is your natural solution for maximum waste degradation on any surface. Our exclusive blends of bio-engineered bacteria are radically different from other enzyme cleaners available. PE-51 is made from highly expensive live liquid enzymes, never from a powder. Our enzymes have the ability to withstand up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. They are resistant to chlorinated products, disinfectants, bleach, and high acid or alkaline conditions. PE-51 is non-toxic and certified salmonella free, non-pathogenic and contains only the naturally occurring bacteria that reduces BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) and COD (chemical oxygen demand) by 80% within 5 days. Will NOT corrode, burn, dissolve or eat away the surface by chemical action like other cleaners. PE-51 has a shelf life of 30 years!

Item Package Quantity: 1


USES: Synthetic Grass Pet Odor Deodorizer and Neutralizer
PRICE: $23.62/each
SCENT: Freshly cut grass
SIZE: 32 oz
MATERIAL TYPE: Non-Toxic Liquid Enzyme
COLOR: Green
STRENGHT: Maximum Odor Control


INCLUDED COMPONENTS: Bottle, liquid enzyme & nozzle


  • Use in the evening to obtain the best and most effective results
  • Step 1: Soak the area with water.
  • Step 2: Install dilution spray nozzle onto the bottle and on the water hose (Screw on).
  • Step 3 : Turn on water and then turn nozzle to "on" ( left side of the nozzle / follow safety lock instructions).
  • Step 4 : Saturate the Affected area with PE-51 Solution.
  • Step 5 : Allow the Enzyme to work over night. Do Not Rinse.


Recommended Dilution Ratio: (best for large areas/indoor areas/when using container such as backpack sprayer for application)

1 gallon of water : 2oz of PE-51
16 gallons of water : 1 bottle of PE-51
For high-concentration mixture - 8 gallons of water : 1 bottle of PE-51




  • Does this remove pet urine odor? Yes
  • Does this remove odor caused from decomposing food in turf at restaurants? Yes
  • How much should I use? As needed
  • How often should I use this? It will remove current odors but will Not prevent future ones. So you need to use as needed
  • Can I buy a bigger presentation? Yes
  • Can I spray this inside my house? Yes
  • Is this pet and kid safe? Yes
  • Will this clean the smell from rotten food formed from crumbs over time in a restaurant? Yes it will
  • I spilled baby milk in my car and it smells really bad and spoiled, will this help? Yes this will solve your issue!
  • My dog got sprayed by skunk pee and it smells horrible will this get the smell off? and can I spray it direct? Yes this is what you need to remove the odor and this is per friendly stuff there is no doubt that you can spray it directly on them to clean them off any odors.
  • Is there a recommended  time of the day to spray it? Yes there is! Since this is filled with live enzymes its needs to be applied after dusk so the hot strong sun doesn't kill the enzyme.
  • Should I do any prep work for better results? Yes, wait until dusk and then soak the area with water before spraying PE-51

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