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Backpack Leaf Blower (#12130)



The Backpack Leaf Blower is a commercial grade backpack leaf blower in the 50cc mid-size range. It features a powerful X-Torq engine. The harness and controls are ergonomically designed for high capacity and ease of use. Idle speed rpm 2200.
    Item Package Quantity: 1


    • X-TORQ ENGINE: The X-Torq engine design reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 60% and increases fuel efficiency by up to 20
    • HIGH AIR VOLUME AND VELOCITY: Powerful clearing performance featuring 434 CFM Air Volume and 251 MPH Air Velocity.
    • LOWVIB: Dampeners between the engine and chassis effectively reduce vibrations.
    • AUTO RETURN STOP SWITCH: Stop switch automatically resets to the ON position for easier starting.
    • CRUISE CONTROL: Variable speed throttle with cruise control can be set for easier handling


      • All  leaf blowers are cordless, allowing you to move around freely.


      NAME: Backpack Leaf Blower

      USES:  Professional 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Leaf Blower.
      PRICE: $660.25
      PRODUCT DIMENSION50 x 20 x 15 inches


      ODOR: None
      ITEM WEIGHT: 22.5 pounds
      SHIPPING WEIGHT: 25.6 pounds


      • Detailed instructions are included to help you. 


      • Do they make fuel tank screens for this model to prevent particles getting into the fuel? This blower is equipped with a fuel filter. 
      • I would use for leaves but primary would be to blow sand laid down from winter sanders at my 11 car office parking lot. Will this push a lot of sand? Yes, this would do the job it also cone with a a smaller tube attachment to direct your air to a confined space.