So you are in the market for an artificial grass installation and you have some questions or wish to know some of the more technical information before you make a decision on your project?

Maybe you already decided on one of our products but you have questions about how to install it?

Perhaps you are an architect bidding on a big project and you need a warranty certificate?

Please feel free to download the resource you need from the links below:

Warranties & Certificates
Warranty Certificate - Artificial Grass
Warranty Certificate - Artificial Ivy
Lead Free Certificate
Conditions of Sale

    Product Information

    Artificial Grass Specifications:
    - Bermuda Artificial Grass
    - Buffalo Artificial Grass
    - Cool Diamond Artificial Grass
    - Diamond Putt Pro Artificial Grass
    - K-9 Lush Artificial Grass 
    - Silver Feather Artificial Grass
    - Vidar Artificial Grass

    Artificial Ivy Specifications:
    - Amazon Artificial Ivy
    - Boxwood Dark Artificial Ivy
    - Boxwood White Flowers
    - Fern Artificial Ivy
    - Ficus Artificial Ivy

    Infills Specifications:
    Hydrochill Information

    Zeofill Information
    - Safety Data Sheet 2016
    - Technical Bulletin
    - Technical Data Sheet
    - Cooling Turf Fibers
    - Heat Comparison Zeofill vs Silica Sand

        Guides & Instructions

        DIY Installation Guide