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Silica Sand Infill - Golf - 30/65 - 50Lb Bag (#11660)
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Silica Sand infill for golf helps weigh down the putting green and keeps the artificial grass from getting wrinkles or ripples caused by movement and climate change. It also creates a layer that absorbs the traffic providing durability for the turf....
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Golf Cup Cover Green (#10760)
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Golf Hole Cover protects your golf holes from weather and debris, and protects pedestrians from falling or tripping therein. This Golf Hole Cover is universal and is designed to fit regulation size golf cups 4", 5 or 6"...
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Golf - Flag Nylon (#10740)
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Even though our white flags are very light weight, they are actually 400 denier and made out of 100% nylon which make them very durable. This flags are engineered to maintain their color despite long exposure to wind and sunlight. The...
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Golf - Pole-3 White (#10730)
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Our 30 inch white poles for putting greens are made of fiberglass and come with an aluminum smooth, aluminum grooved, or stainless steel grooved ferrules. They are state of the art and engineered to maintain color despite long exposure to...
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Golf - Plastic Cup (#10720)
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Golf Cups are a necessity when creating a putting green surface. These cups are made out of hard durable plastic to avoid rust build up and they require an easy in-ground installation. Designed to be used with or without...
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RENTAL - SuperSeam Tool GOLF - 6 FT (#12440)
--------------------------------------------------------------*READ BEFORE RENTING ANY EQUIPMENT!*- Rental Terms & Conditions   --> CLICK HERE  <--- Important! Proper care and how to return   --> CLICK HERE  <---------------------------------------------------------------- PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Super Seam Tool for golf is a new design to create unnoticeable seams in all types...
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