Adhesive Trowel (#11280)
This V-Notch Trowel is designed for artificial grass. Has a steel blade. High-impact black, plastic handle. *One Long and One Short Side Has Notches, The Other Long and Short Side Has Straight Edges. 1/8 in. x 1/8 in. x 1/16 in. Item...
Aluminum Edging - 16 LF (#10440)
PROTECTION: Artificial grass is sometimes installed next to real grass. In this case, the real grass eventually grows and overpowers the artificial grass. When landscapers come out to cut and maintain the real grass, it is very difficult for them...
Aluminum Edging - Stake adapter Black - Pack of 5 (#10990)
CURVE CREATOR: Some landscaping designs are modern with straight lines but others have many curves. Aluminum edging is a very good product but only has 5 pre made slots to place the stakes. If the design has a lot of curves...
Aluminum Stakes - 12" - Pack of 5 (#10960)
PROTECTION: Aluminum stakes are the supporting backbone of the aluminum edging. The edging can easily curve into virtually any shape, but it will never hold its shape without the stakes holding it down and securing it. These 12-inch stakes are placed into the...
BIG DADDY PE - 15' Wide - 120oz - 2” (#14113)
The Big Daddy artificial grass is a best of a synthetic turf option.  with S extrusion grass blade technology, the Big Daddy has very low sheen, that is stable and upright with a huge supportive root-zone lower structure.
from $40.35
Buffalo PRO - $2.50/SF (MSRP) - 100oz - 1.5” (#11511)
--------------------------------------------------------------*READ BEFORE MAKING ANY PURCHASE!*- How to place an order correctly   --> CLICK HERE  <--- Conditions of sale   --> CLICK HERE  <---------------------------------------------------------------- PRODUCT DESCRIPTION COMING SOON   PRODUCT SPECS NAME: Buffalo PROTOTAL WEIGHT: 100oz
Canine - PRO - (MSRP) - 70oz - 1.62” (#14010)
PRODUCT SPECS NAME: Canine Pro TOTAL WEIGHT: 76.5oz   YARN COLOR: Field Green/Lime Green YARN COMPOSITION: Polyethylene  YARN SHAPE: Diamond Blade BACKING COMPOSITION: Polyurethane DRAINAGE: Perforated holes HEIGHT: 1.62 inches ROLL LENGTH: 100 FT ROLL WIDTH: 15 FT RECOMMENDED USE: Commercial & Residential RECOMMENDED TRAFFIC: Moderate to Heavy  MAIN APPLICATION: Lawns / Pets / Playgrounds / Golf...
Cool Diamond - (#11520)
--------------------------------------------------------------*READ BEFORE MAKING ANY PURCHASE!*- How to place an order correctly   --> CLICK HERE  <--- Conditions of sale   --> CLICK HERE  <---------------------------------------------------------------- PRODUCT DESCRIPTION   Cool Diamond has a W blade that gives it a natural "Centipede grass" look. The...
from $37.50
Cooling sand-hydrochill (#11690)
NOTE: As a final top coating, the infill is the last product needed to complete a successful artificial turf installation. The application that the turf will be used in will determine the type of infill required for the project. Infills are needed for...
Diamond Putt Pro - (MSRP) - 50oz - 0.50” - Drain holes (#11540)
--------------------------------------------------------------*READ BEFORE MAKING ANY PURCHASE!*- How to place an order correctly   --> CLICK HERE  <--- Conditions of sale   --> CLICK HERE <---------------------------------------------------------------- PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Diamond Putt Pro artificial grass is mostly used in putting greens but can also be used in Bocci Ball, Cricket Pitches,...
Drain Tiles - 10.25" X 10.25" - (#10600)
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Drainage tile was designed and developed for applications over hard surfaces like concrete, asphalt, roof membrane and tile where water is limited only to drain horizontaly. The innovative tile design and our unique six-point locking system creates a seamless...
Fresh Cut - 15' Wide - 56oz - 1.18” Mini C blade (#21217)
Product Specification Model Name: Cam PX2-3001E067-PFCCG (FRESH CUT)Color: Jane EmeraId&Jane Lime Bi-color, Ya-EmeraId&Ya-YeIIow thatchRoll Width: 15ftRoll Length: 100ft Yarn Characteristics Structure: MonofilamentComposition (ISO 11357): PE straight yarn & PP thatchDtex (ASTM D1907): 4500+2200Tape Thickness (ASTM D3218): N.ATape Width:UV Effects (EN...
Glue - Diamond Lock Adhesive Pro® Outdoor Turf Glue - 5 GL Premium Hold #11270
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The strongest and toughest glue in the market that has earned its rep by working through good and bad weather.  Item Package Quantity: 1 Bucket FEATURES: Handle Metal Container Green Color Extreme Strength Any weather Non toxic Oder less...
Glue Dispenser Bag - (#11310)
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This Grout Bag is used to apply adhesive glue or grout in small areas to eliminate waste and mess. Silicone lined tip allows for detailed applications. Item Package Quantity: 1 FEATURES: For easy application of grout between tiles...
Golf - Pole-3 White (#10730)
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Our 30 inch white poles for putting greens are made of fiberglass and come with an aluminum smooth, aluminum grooved, or stainless steel grooved ferrules. They are state of the art and engineered to maintain color despite long exposure to...
Golf - Flag Nylon (#10740)
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Even though our white flags are very light weight, they are actually 400 denier and made out of 100% nylon which make them very durable. This flags are engineered to maintain their color despite long exposure to wind and sunlight. The...
Golf - Plastic Cup (#10720)
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Golf Cups are a necessity when creating a putting green surface. These cups are made out of hard durable plastic to avoid rust build up and they require an easy in-ground installation. Designed to be used with or without...
Golf Cup Cover Green (#10760)
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Golf Hole Cover protects your golf holes from weather and debris, and protects pedestrians from falling or tripping therein. This Golf Hole Cover is universal and is designed to fit regulation size golf cups 4", 5 or 6"...

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