Zero-waste, higher profit: all about tidiness and cleanliness when installing artificial turf

Zero-waste, higher profit: all about tidiness and cleanliness when installing artificial turf

Every contractor who invests in this business wants all profits and to minimize any waste of time and money. That is why you must consider this pro tip: invest in everything that contributes to the order and cleanliness of the project.

What you get when you work organized and clean:

For the contracting company it is very important to work in a clean and tidy way for different reasons:

  1. Prestige: it adds more professionalism, credibility, and seriousness to the company. And this translates into having a satisfied client because, in the end, it is in his house where the work is being done and it is them who are making an investment of money for their property. Therefore, it is necessary to offer the best result, because any messy or dirty project will only look negative.
  2. Saving time: with an organized working area, you save a lot of time when looking for some of the materials and tools to work with. That translates into greater efficiency, comfort at work, and time savings. Therefore, if you work in a systematic way in which all the tools are visible and always in the same place, the work will be much more dynamic and fluid. In addition, working like this, will avoid inconvenience or discomfort, mood swings, and doubts when thinking that someone may have lost or stolen a tool.

    Ahorro de tiempo:

    • Cost savings that can be avoided: another reason to work clean is to avoid costs that were not contemplated by the contractor, and that will probably result very inconvenient to the client.

    If any chemical products damage or stain the driveways, walkways, or areas that are not part of the artificial turf installation project, or even the interior of the house (when it is necessary to walk there to move the materials to the backyard), the contractor must assume the responsibility of returning them to their original state.

    It is advisable to take some time before starting the work to cover all transit areas with wood (on the path where the wheelbarrow leaves with the soil from the land being prepared), cardboard, tarpaulin, or plastic so that the debris does not touch the ground, because the owner will not want to pay or assume those eventual costs of cleaning or damage.

    4 tips on safety and cleanliness in artificial turf installation

    4 tips sobre seguridad y limpieza en la instalación de grama artificial

     The aggregate that you need to mixed with the soil at the time of conditioning the ground before the installation of synthetic turf can cause accidents.

    • Unloading the truck with the aggregate on the street not only causes traffic inconveniences among neighbors, but people can step on the material scattered on the ground and slip or fall. Also, inconveniences may occur with drivers who do not expect to find the small mountain of aggregate and collide with it or with another vehicle, etc.

    Therefore, it is preferable (whenever possible) to unload inside the property, but not directly on the ground or natural grass (the weight, rubbing, and handling with tools would damage the topsoil) but on a waterproof tarpaulin or very thick and resistant plastic.

    • It is recommended to cover the tires of the wheelbarrows with heavy-duty gray adhesive tape to prevent them from staining the area where the wheelbarrow is going to travel.
    • During the installation of the synthetic turf, the blades of the cutters are changed many times because they need to be very sharp to make precise cuts on the artificial turf. Therefore, for safety reasons, it is recommended to have a plastic container with a sufficiently wide mouth through which the damaged blades can be inserted. This container -like a Gatorade bottle- should be clearly identified and remain covered, except when discarding the blades. 

      Este envase debe estar claramente identificado y permanecer tapado, excepto al momento de desechar las láminas.

      It is necessary to check the work area before leaving to make sure that no blades have been left on the ground, as this could be highly dangerous, especially if there are pets or children on the property who could walk around the installation site and cut themselves.

      In case this type of accident occurs due to the carelessness of some installers, the contractor must certainly respond to that situation. So it is best to be very clear before starting the installation process about the place where this container will be located so that installers have easy access to it and do not forget to deposit the used blades.

      • It is also advisable to put many waste collection bags throughout the installation area and then take them out when they are filled, in order not to accumulate them until the end of the project. At Diamond, we offer these special very thick, heavy-duty (3 mils and 42 gallons (32 "x50") capacity bags that do not run the risk of tearing.

      Contractor Bags - 3 MIL - 42GL - Box of 20 (#11870)

      Using these bags to collect debris throughout the installation area not only helps keep the work area cleaner but also saves time by not having to leave the debris collection job until the end of the day. These heavy-duty bags are not easily torn by the sharp edges of branches or any other sharp or pointed items that could pierce the bags.

      Material recycling

      One waste material that can be put to other uses is the scrim, which are the edges that cover the ends of the grass rolls, made with a very strong black cloth. These scrims must be cut so that only the grass edge remains, but instead of discarding these strips, they can be used for various purposes, such as tying up the leftover grass remnants. So it is a usable and very durable material.

      Reciclaje de material

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