Why An Artificial Living Wall Should be on Your Shopping List

Why An Artificial Living Wall Should be on Your Shopping List

Nothing quite beats the elegant and timelessly classic look of a living wall. Outside or inside, living walls bring a lovely lush, green feeling into any space. Enjoying it may be positively dreamy, but maintaining it can be a real nightmare.

Because of its rapid growth rate, a natural living wall can be really complicated to maintain. It can rapidly overtake a garden or wall without careful monitoring. While a natural living wall, properly controlled, can be a lovely addition to any home or garden; it requires constant monitoring from someone with a green thumb.

 So how does a home or business owner incorporate it into their property if they want the look and feel of a living wall without all the hassle? Artificial ivy is the best choice for home and business owners wanting a fuss free way of creating a stunning green space - without all the upkeep. We want to note that referring to artificial ‘‘ivy’’ implies a great variety of artificial plants and not only the traditional ivy plant look.

 Artificial Ivy

 As we mentioned above, the key issue for property owners is how labor intensive natural ivy can be. Artificial ivy on the other hand is guaranteed to “grow” only when and where you put it. You are in complete control of how much ivy you incorporate into your property’s interior or exterior.

 Installing Artificial Ivy

Want to use artificial ivy but not sure where to begin? First things first, if you already have natural any plants growing on a wall or structure, you’ll need to remove this first. Wear gloves and protective clothing. Take care when removing plants and be sure to dispose of them in appropriate waste bins.

You may also want to spray the area with a weed spray or other natural treatment to prevent regrowth.

Now is the time for you to choose what type of artificial ivy would suit your space the best. Well, no need to panic, check out all of our ivy and artificial living wall options to find the perfect variation.

Once you have selected the type of ivy you want, the next step is easy as pie. All our ivy tiles are of simple installation through an interlocking system and zip ties.

Artificial ivy is changing the way interior designers and property owners think about their building’s aesthetics. Artificial ivy can spruce up dull exteriors and provide a calming green oasis for interiors. There’s really no limit to the way artificial ivy and plants can be used to elevate your property! Don’t forget to contact Diamond Artificial Grass for all your questions about how artificial turf and ivy can enhance your property’s value.

If you’re still unsure about artificial turf, or just want to go over your different options in more detail, the team at Diamond Artificial Grass is here to help you on your journey! Call us at 844.579.6887 or email us at info@diamondartificialgrass.com 

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