Top 3 tips from experts on seams and edges in artificial turf installation

Top 3 tips from experts on seams and edges in artificial turf installation

When deciding to install synthetic grass it is important to hire companies with proven and successful experience. That's why at Diamond Artificial Grass we recommend the most qualified contractors and we also share the best tips for an excellent installation.

About the seams

A good seam is not noticeable and has no separations next to natural grass. That's why it's necessary to know very well the structure of the non-real grass sod.

A good seam is not noticeable and has no separations next to natural grass. That's why it's necessary to know very well the structure of the non-real grass sod.
  • Uniones lineales

- The first thing to know is that the backside of the turf is woven. Those weaves have a distance between each other of about ⅜ inches and it is super important to keep that distance in the joints. That is why when cutting the grass you have to make sure that one of the cuts ends right at the edge of the fabric, and the other edge of the grass. The other part that will be joined to the other, must start with the same distance between one fabric and another, that is, it must keep the same measure of ⅜ inch between one fabric and another as if it had not been cut so that all the grass is uniform and the union is not noticeable.

Uniones lineales

- Synthetic turf rolls have some sort of tabs at the beginning and end of the roll that does not have turf fibers and should not be used to make seams with other grass mats.

- To start using the artificial turf in the installation, these tabs must be cut, both at the beginning of the roll and at the end, to ensure that the grass fibers of the new edge are not flattened but fully erect.

comenzar a usar la grama artificial

- It is recommended to cut the start of the roll very close to the fabric and leave the space that has no fabric at the end of the roll to compensate for the ⅜ measurement between the two.

- EThese cut tabs are not a waste or a material to be discarded, on the contrary, the scrim can function as straps to tie any object because they are very strong and resistant..  


  • Non-linear or curved joints

- Because linear seams are difficult to conceal, we recommend cutting curved or serpentine seams using the Super Seam Tool (available for sale or rent in our stores). Due to its design, it is ideal for creating imperceptible and very stable seams in all types of synthetic turf. This cut takes longer and consumes more grass than the linear cut because the curves are about 9 inches long, so you have to subtract that measurement from the total. However, it ensures that the project looks very natural.

                      Super Seam Tool   Super Seam Tool


- After cutting the turf, the joining strips and the glue are placed on the bottom of the grass. Then the edges are adhered together by meshing between the joints and the Seam-Press Roller is run over it to bind the turf to the strips and glue and strengthen the bond.

Seam-Press Roller

- To help better compact and fix the joint, while the strip is being glued, boards and the infill bags (or just the bags) can be placed on top of the joint to add more weight to it.

- In case of glue falls on the fibers, it is necessary to apply (before it dries) a special liquid to dissolve it, such as Goof Off, thinner, mineral spirits, or gasoline. After dissolving it, the grass should be scrubbed with a damp cloth to remove the residues of the chemical.

- To stretch the turf so that it is well-tempered, without wrinkles or undulations, or to narrow or separate the joints, as needed, these tools can be used: the Knee-Kicker Stretcher.

Knee-Kicker Stretcher

and the Handle-Push Stretcher, (both available for rent at any of our stores).

Handle-Push Stretcher

  • Unions in the golf turf

- Putting greens are not square but rounded and in irregular shapes. Therefore, the cuts and joints to join the golf turf with the high grass, called fringe, are different from those of other types of installations. For this procedure, a strategy called cross seams is used because it goes through, that is, the turf is not cut against the fabric on the back of the turf, but is cut against the fabric. For this, a special cut is used that consists of transferring the blade, that is, using it as one's own eyes, placing it where the putting green ends, lowering the high grass, and when it touches the joint, the blade is transferred and the cuts are made (in small sections of approximately 3 by 3 inches) following the circularity of the joint.


Use of edging

-The edgings give the final touch of beauty in every installation.

In addition to giving the visual sensation that everything is in order by separating the areas and seeing the entire perimeter framed by its structure, as well as the contrast of colors between them and the grass.


- These edgings give protection to the artificial grass when it is installed next to natural grass, because when it grows it will surpass the synthetic grass, so when cutting the real grass there is a risk of not being able to differentiate exactly where it ends and where the non-real grass begins, so it can also be cut or burned or melted by the heat of cutting machines.

- It is recommended to install edgings when the project combines synthetic turf with mulch or decorative stones to separate spaces, because if they are not installed, the order, aesthetics, and alignment of the mulch may be lost over time due to the effects of the wind or the air blowing machines used to remove fallen leaves or dirt in the area.

instalar edgings

- If the edgings will be placed in an area that will be walked, they should be installed at the same level of the floor and the silica sand used to fill in the synthetic grass so that people do not trip over them. 

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