The Importance of the Power Broom

The Importance of the Power Broom

Artificial Grass is continuously evolving and improving. It has transformed by leaps and bounds over the last decade alone. Access to better, more durable materials has increased the appearance and longevity of artificial grass. Along with changes to the material itself, there have also been newfound installation methods and maintenance tools that give turf a long-lasting, luscious appearance.

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The need for raking, or brushing the fibers comes from the way artificial grass is manufactured and packaged. Artificial turf comes in rolls like carpet, causing the fibers to be constrained for a long period of time. Once unrolled and ready to be installed, the turf fibers are often leaning flat to one side. To bring your artificial grass back to life, it is necessary to rake or broom the fibers in the opposite direction so that the fibers stand erect again. This is often done manually with a rake or push broom, however, one of our favorite tools is the power broom!

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The power broom provides major results with half of the manual labor required with a regular rake or broom. The rotating brush head gets deep within the fibers, down to the thatch to bring every strand upright. These powerful tools are useful all throughout the installation process as well as for maintenance purposes.

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Not only is the power broom useful for bringing fibers up, it is also the perfect tool for helping to evenly distribute infill down to the base of the turf. This is especially important when installing a putting green or a sports system, as it affects the way the ball interacts with the grass. With a manual rake, you might have to go over the surface multiple times trying to get the infill down in between the fibers, which results in a lot of exerted energy for you and/or your team! The power broom gets the job done much faster, allowing you to be more efficient throughout the job. 


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Like everything that lives outdoors, fake grass can also get dirty. Using a power broom for maintenance jobs will allow you to quickly sweep away leaves and debris. Just like brushing your hair, a routine brushing is beneficial for the longevity of your turf. In areas of high-traffic, it is common for turf to start to flatten down. When artificial grass is leaning to one side, you often see a shine to the fibers due to the way the light hits it. When properly brushed upright, the grass has a much more plush, realistic appearance. A quick brush through with a power broom will get your turf looking good as new. 

Learning how to utilize the power broom in your projects will tremendously aid in your success and efficiency as a synthetic grass installer. Power brooms are available for purchase or rent at your nearest Diamond Artificial Grass store or - reserve one now in the tool rental section of our website.  

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