The first thing you should know if you want to install artificial grass

The first thing you should know if you want to install artificial grass

Do you want to transform your property with an installation of artificial grass, but you don’t know how to start? Well, at Diamond Artificial Grass we can give you the best guidance and clarify any doubts, since we have more than decade of experience in the market. But before you start, you must answer the following questions:

-The first one is: What use would you give to your installation?

You have to identify if your installation is going to have low or zero traffic, moderate or high traffic. And that will vary depending on the use you are going to give your artificial turf. For example, if it is going to be:

-Only landscaping, decorative or commercial, and if it is going to be walked on infrequently or not


- If you want it as a playground for children and recreation in general (barbecue, pool, walkway)


- If it will be used by pets


-If you want it to be an area to play sports


It is also important to consider if the space is totally open air or if it is semi-roofed, or roofed in its entirety.


Once you have answered this first question, we want you to know that each project requires a different type of artificial grass or synthetic greenery.



In addition, each type of grass has different recommendations for preventive care and maintenance (such as spreading silica sand on synthetic grass)

Silica Sand or Infill, is it really necessary in projects of artificial turf?

-The second question you have to answer before installing artificial grass is: What style do I want for my project?

With style we mean if you want your artificial grass project to have a modern, contemporary or traditional look.

                        Traditional                                                Modern


Each of these styles can be offered in a variety of shades of green. Even for sports areas it is possible to use grass in other colors such as white, blue, gray, black.


So you can give your artificial grass project the look you like the most, and develop your creativity. The best thing is: we guarantee the best quality in all of our products.


Whatever the type of grass you want to install or the style you like the most, the important thing is that you know that we can offer you:


-The best products with a 15-year warranty.


-A list of specialist and qualified installers.


Pro tips: for example, Top 3 tips to prevent artificial grass from melting


The project you have in mind is possible! And it can definitely adapt to your needs, without having to worry to keep it fresh all year long, since you will only have to do preventive maintenance twice a year.


For that we also have the best recommendations, products and tools that you can buy or rent. In this link you will find the different options that we can offer you


Visit us at any of our stores, call us, send us a message to WhatsApp or send an email to give you the best advice or make an appointment so you can see and receive free samples of our products for all types of use, colors and style. Request samples at


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