Super tip on grass strips for driveways, pavers and court lines

Super tip on grass strips for driveways, pavers and court lines

The driveways or pavers decorated with artificial turf have the benefit that
maintenance is minimal because it does not require irrigation or pruning, which
saves time, money and the space is always kept impeccable. This is also valid for sports fields in open and closed spaces due to the advantages mentioned above.
Regarding the strips for driveways, pavers (the spaces that go in the middle of the concrete) or lines of white grass to demarcate the sports fields, some customers have often asked us to buy them to decorate these spaces.
Let us explain something important

When customers have asked us for turf strips we have to explain that we do not
sell them, that is, they are not available already cut and ready, so sometimes they feel confused, so we have to clarify that these turf strips or turf ribbens we do not sell them to size (usually 3, 3 1/2 or 4 inches wide), but these have to be measured and cut (according to the width of the area where they will be installed) from the full roll of grass that measures 7. 5 x 100 feet or 15 x 100 feet.
Likewise, for the circles of the courts you must have the complete grass, which can be 15 x 30 feet or more or less to make the semicircles or squares that go at each end, the circle in the middle of the court and the lines of the edges or the inside of the court.
In addition, the most important thing about having a full roll of synthetic turf is that the leftover can be used to make replacements for the strips in case they get damaged.
Recommended artificial turf for sports fields
The recommended artificial turf for sports fields is WHITE - SUPER SPORT 15 39 Wide - 2".
Recommended artificial turf for driveways or pavers

The most suitable synthetic grass to decorate driveways is the one with short
fibers, such as K9 Lush or Premier.
Ideally, the fibers of synthetic turf should not exceed the height of the concrete
edges and therefore not crush as quickly. In addition, these short fibers are the
ones that keep their original shape better.

If there will be vehicles passing over the artificial turf or they will remain parked for several hours on top of it and a high fiber turf is installed, the weight of the tires will crush it and with time it will deteriorate and lose its shape.

That is why the ideal is that the grass is short, so that when those vehicles are
removed from the lawn it will look in excellent condition. But if the installation is forw alkways or land where vehicles are not going to circulate, it is worth putting high fiber grass because it looks fluffier and offers a more elegant view.
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