Silica Sand or Infill, is it really necessary in projects of artificial turf?

Silica Sand or Infill, is it really necessary in projects of artificial turf?

Yes! The infill is part of the entire system, therefore it is essential to use it as a filler in artificial grass for landscaping projects or sports and recreational uses. This is because, among other things, this special sand provides weight and protection to the turf and a lot of other benefits and attributes. Let’s learn more about it!

Sand sample placed on artificial grass

 What is this sand made of? 

Silica or infill sand is a combination of silica and oxygen atoms that occurs in the form of tiny grains with a texture and color similar to sand from the beach. 

 Benefits provided by sand in artificial grass 

By applying the sand and settling at the base of the grass, it is achieved that it has a greater grip and adheres much more to the ground or concrete. In this way, the grass stays in place for a long time despite continuous use, rain, or bad weather. 

 As has been said, Silica sand helps not only with the stability, resistance to treads, the durability of artificial grass, but also prevents the grass from shrinking due to the high temperatures provided by the direct rays of the sun in the season of Summer or, on the contrary, that the grass expands or stretches. In this way, the useful life of the project is extended. In addition, another important benefit of using sand as filler is that it makes artificial grass feel fluffier, softer, and more comfortable to step on. That is why when giving a recreational use to artificial grass it will be more pleasant to sit or lie on it to enjoy a meal, play or sunbathe. 




 Why should you use Silica sand? 

Silica sand is the most used filler and is the most recommended in different artificial grass projects because this material not only provides firmness, stability, and protection to the filaments that make up the grass but also helps them to stay more upright and in perfect condition for much longer. Without a doubt, this will give artificial grass a much more natural and aesthetic appearance. Silica sand is used mainly in the artificial grass of the gardens or to fill the grass of sports facilities such as paddle tennis and tennis courts. Click here to buy silica sand.


 How to apply the sand? 

To guarantee a successful result in the application of the sand, it is necessary to make sure that it is completely dry. Then, by using the sand dispenser, the filling is spread evenly throughout the project area. With this dispenser, the correct distribution of the sand is ensured over the entire surface covered by the artificial grass so that you do not feel lumps or unevenness when stepping on it. Click here to buy it or rent it.

 Next, with a stiff bristle brush or an electric brush, such as our Power Broom, the entire grass must be combed in the opposite direction to the fibers so that the sand goes down towards the base. 

 Finally, you have to water the lawn and let it settle. 

RENTAL - Power Broom  (#12510)

 How much sand should you use? 

It is very important to add the amount of sand that is required according to the size of the project because if you put less amount of what you should, you cannot guarantee the maximum durability of the artificial grass or the odor or temperature control. Therefore, to calculate the amount of sand in the project, a simple calculation must be done: the project measurement (width and length) is taken and this data is multiplied. Then the resulting number is multiplied by 2. Then that total is divided by 50 (because that's the amount of sand in each bag, that is, 50 pounds). The final result of this operation will give the number of bags that will be needed. Let's look at the following example: 

-Surface measurement: 15 x 20 feet = 300 

-Area multiplied by 2: 300 x 2 = 600 

-Total divided by 50 = 12 (number of bags to buy) 

 Do you have any doubt? Join our Diamond University classes where you will learn these and so much more tips that we have for you. We are experts with more than 10 years of experience in the artificial grass market, and we want to share our knowledge with you.


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