Myth and reality: should you install at the hottest or coldest time of the day?

Myth and reality: should you install at the hottest or coldest time of the day?

We are going to share with you one of the essential tips for installers of artificial grass, and we will also explain all the details about why you should always install on a hot day:

Before diving into the explanation, we want you to know that having the best products and the best work for the installation is not enough to end up with a successful project. By this, we mean that when time passes by, it is important that the installation is kept in the best conditions.

Therefore, to achieve this result it is necessary that the installation is done correctly and that the grass gets preventive maintenance every six months, as well as constant supervision to deal with any problems that may arise due to different causes in time.


Before installation

The entire process of installation must be planned to make good use of the time. For this reason, it is important to make sure that only one of the contractors is the one who communicates with the client.

Therefore, whoever assumes this role must be aware of all the specifications of the land, materials, type of project, etc., and it is completely sure to explain precisely to the client anything about:

  1.  All the steps that are going to be followed.
  2. The approximate time that takes each step of the installation.
  3. The schedule for the work.


During the installation

If you plan on installing in a state in which the seasons vary during the year, it is recommended that it be carried out during Summer, which is when it is hotter outside. And even better if the installation is done outdoors because the incidence of solar rays on the ground will be greater. However, if the installation of synthetic grass will be done in a state where the seasons are not so different during the year, the recommendation to follow is that the project should be done at the hotter hours of the day to obtain an optimal final result.

This means that the prep work can be done in the cooler hours, but the installation of artificial grass must be carried out in the hottest hours of the day.

Why? Well, because synthetic grass is made of polyethylene, which is a flexible plastic material that tends to expand in heat and shrink in cold. Therefore, it is appropriate for the material to be at the point of greatest expansion at the time of stretching and fixing on the ground. fríos y en un mismo día se den variaciones bruscas del calor al frío o viceversa.


How to install

To install the artificial grass it is recommended to use the poly board to fix the grass at the edges with the staples, as this ensures that when it contracts it will not come loose from its place. Whereas if it is fixed directly to the ground with tiptoe, there is a risk that it will move with temperature changes.


The proper technique would be:

  1. Fix the poly boards around the perimeter of the area that will be covered by the synthetic grass.

  1. Make sure that it is the hottest time of the day and proceed to stretch the grass as much as possible on the ground and fix it to the poly boards.
  2. Fill the grass with all the silica sand or infill recommended by Diamond Artificial Grass, that is, at least 2 pounds per square foot so that the grass is well taut and remains stable on the ground for the weight and the protection that this material provides.  

If a lower amount of infill is placed, the durability of the project in optimal conditions is not guaranteed, as established in our 15-year warranty.

To better understand the benefits of using sand, we suggest you read our blog post about that topic: Sand or Infill, is it necessary for artificial grass projects? (


Recommended machinery and tools

The machinery and tools recommended for a proper installation and the best stretching of the grass are:

  • The Knee-Kicker Stretcher and the Handle-Push Stretcher that is used to stretch the grass.             


  • The Infill Drop Spreader or sand dispenser is used to evenly spread all the material on the synthetic grass surface.

  • The Power Broom or electric broom is used to give the final touch after applying the infill, to brush the grass so that the filling sinks between the fibers of the grass and return it to its original shape.



If you want to know more and become a professional in the installation of artificial grass, we invite you to register and participate in our Diamond University classes. An interesting world of knowledge awaits you. Do not miss the opportunity that we offer you. At Diamond Artificial Grass we are always ready to assist you both in our stores and through social media. Contact us now!


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