FAQ: Is any type of artificial grass safe for pets?

FAQ: Is any type of artificial grass safe for pets?

All the different types of artificial turf installation systems have particular requirements depending on the intended use (landscaping, playground, golf, putting green, sports, pet-friendly, swimming pool). Therefore, if a project was not installed to be used by pets and then the client wants them to use it, they need to consider to do some changes.


Steps to follow for the installation of artificial grass:

  1. Each system requires a previous preparation of the ground (weeding, compacting, and leveling) or cement soil.
  2. In both cases, before laying the artificial grass, it is essential to install a drainage system to avoid puddling and rotting. But if a drainage system was not installed, for no reason should the installation be allowed to be used by pets to avoid contamination and bad odor in the whole area even if water is poured on it.
  3. After finishing the installation of the lawn, the final step is to fill it with a special infill very similar to beach sa.

Special products for artificial grass to be used by pets:

A landscaping installation can have the same model of synthetic turf as a project for pets, but this can only be used by animals if it is filled with sand that was specially made for that use. For that reason, if the client wants to change the installation to a safe spot for pets, he must remove all the previously added sand and replace it completely with a special infill for pets, and then apply additional products to avoid the proliferation of bacteria.

If the customer skips this step and only resorts to cleaning the grass with soap and water or with disinfectant and odor chemicals, he will damage the grass and still fail to prevent bad odors or control bacteria, especially when the lawn gets hot from the sun.

The recommended products are:

  1. El infill ZeoDorizer - 14/30 de 40 lb.

    This is a special litter for pet areas because it has some components that neutralize the urine so that it does not turn into ammonia. Therefore, it works as a filter when the urine passes through the litter and this allows to control odors of the animals' organic waste. It is not harmful to pets, children, or the environment. It is not recommended to mix this type of infill with other infills.

    How ZeoDorizer works:
    This organic filler with 100% natural light brown components has a negatively charged molecular structure that absorbs the urine like a magnet and prevents the ammonia from turning into gas, which is the main cause of bad odors. This sand will attract the gas and hold it until the sodium ions (Na+) release it with the water, and thus flush the bacteria into the soil, making the lawn odorless again.

    Benefits of ZeoDorizer:
    - With this product, water is saved because it is not necessary to water the lawn too often to remove the urine because the ZeoDorizer granules absorb the liquids and compact them until they are diluted with water. Therefore, it retains odors. In other words, it works like the litter that is added to domestic cat litter boxes.

    - In addition to odor control, the ZeoDorizer helps stabilize the turf and prevents it from wrinkling or curling due to movement and ambient temperature change. It also helps grass strands stand up and maintain their true appearance in high-traffic areas.

    - También ayuda a que las hebras del pasto se levanten y mantengan su apariencia real en áreas de mucho tráfico.

    - Finally, it creates a layer that absorbs traffic and provides durability to the turf.

    - Warranty: 5 years (a minimum of 2 lbs. needs to be applied for warranty coverage).

  2. EnviroFill

    You can also use this product which is a coated silica sand that comes in 50 lb bags. It is ideal for neutralizing bacteria because it contains Microban brand antibacterials that guarantee to eliminate any attempt at bacterial reproduction.

    In addition to providing a bacterial-free area, it works to control odors produced by organic animal waste.

    This product is sold upon request.

  3. El URICIDE- Microbial Spray Odor control - Pet Deodorizer - Lemon Scent 32oz Bottle

    Because the urine is not 100% filtered, but some amount gets stuck to the grass fibers, and as it dries in the sun, it produces odors, it is necessary to apply the Uricide, a chemical product based on enzymes that destroy the bacteria that cause bad odor in the urine, therefore it is a special deodorant for grass areas used by pets that control and neutralizes odors and microbes, it is biodegradable and non-toxic.

    How to apply URICIDE:
    1) Wait for the sun to go down.

    2) Water the synthetic grass with water.

    3) Connect the Uricide to the hose and saturate the area with this product. Uricide comes with a dispensing nozzle through where the hose is attached. That helps to dilute the amount of water needed with the chemical to irrigate the area of synthetic turf to be cleaned.

    4) Leave the liquid on the turf overnight, and the next day there will be no odors but the smell of Uricidee.

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