4 steps to install artificial turf on uneven terrains

Artificial turf on uneven terrains

4 steps to install artificial turf on uneven terrains

                                                4 pasos para instalar grama artificial en terrenos ondulados   4 pasos para instalar grama artificial en terrenos ondulados

It is common for outdoor areas to require a hard surface, for which pavers, bricks or stones are used, and mulch or grass or plants or trees are also placed right next.

Synthetic turf in some cities is considered as landscape, and in other cities as hardscape, due to the preparation that is previously needed on the ground before installing the synthetic turf on it.

preparación que se necesita previamente en el terreno antes de instalar sobre ella la grama sintética.

Another interesting fact is that one of the most important advantages of synthetic grass is its enormous capacity to adapt to all types of terrain, because it is considered a textile. It is a kind of carpet, therefore, the basic principle of its elaboration corresponds to this type of materials. So, because it is a textile, it is very moldable, and it turns out to be the perfect surface to cover exteriors. We will see why:

  • There are terrains that are not completely flat and that it can not be flattened. For that reason, it is not recommended to install bricks or pavers, since they are not flexible, they do not mold perfectly to the ground, and since there are empty spaces or hollows under the bricks, they run the risk of breaking or cracking when stepped on, or they can begin to sink with the footsteps and cause the surface to deform with the passage of time. Of course, if you want to use such materials, you have to make sure the surface is flat and compact. However, this type of problem does not occur if the ground is covered with artificial turf, since in addition to adapting to the surface, it will look much more natural.

                                            1)	Hay terrenos que no son del todo planos y no es posible eliminar por completo las ondulaciones o irregularidades naturales   1)	Hay terrenos que no son del todo planos y no es posible eliminar por completo las ondulaciones o irregularidades naturales

  • There are flattened lands where you want to install a playground, golf or landscaping area, and it is necessary to create small mountains or undulations according to the design of the space and the purpose or intended use. In these cases it is necessary to make special preparations to the terrain to achieve those effects that are impossible to cover with natural grass, so synthetic grass is the ideal solution to make it look natural.

                   En esos casos hay que realizar unas preparaciones especiales al terreno para lograr esos efectos que luego es imposible de cubrir con grama natural   En esos casos hay que realizar unas preparaciones especiales al terreno para lograr esos efectos que luego es imposible de cubrir con grama natural

However, before getting down to work, it is necessary to know the correct way to install artificial turf in this type of irregular terrain so that there are no wrinkles on the surface.

cómo es la forma correcta de instalar el césped artificial en ese tipo de terrenos irregulares para que no queden arrugas en la superficie


Recommendation from Diamond Artificial Grass experts

In our company we teach special classes on artificial turf installation and everything related to this business. As for the installation of synthetic turf on uneven surfaces, we recommend contractors to train a group of installers especially for this type of terrain and to always get the same group of installers to do the job, so that they get better and better at this type of cuts. This will guarantee that the work will be done better, faster and less material will be wasted.  

clases especiales sobre instalación de grama artificial

How to install synthetic turf on undulating terrain

  • When laying artificial turf on the surface, many cuts have to be made to avoid "turf stress", i.e. wrinkles. Therefore, there are areas where many cuts have to be made and this generates a lot of leftovers that then have to be removed to make the wrinkles disappear. Of course, each cut has to be made in a very precise way so that they are not noticeable. Therefore, the smaller the cuts are made, the less risk there is of the joints showing. This tip also applies to areas where there are trees.

tip vale también para las áreas donde hay árboles

  • Smaller cuts can be held in place with nails or staples. If the cuts have to be large, depending on the needs of the terrain, it is recommended to use tape and glue.
  • It's important to consider that the wrinkles are not stretched but cut and then, the multiple parts are glued so that the turf is completely adapted to the surface. If it is only stretched and glued, it will look ugly and very fake.
  • On surfaces where you want to purposely create undulations, we recommend using recycled concrete, which is often confused with concrete screening (this is similar to paver sand, but we do not recommend it). On the other hand, recycle concrete is perfect for this type of projects, because it is made of ground concrete that when moistened, compacted and then dried will be almost as strong as concrete, but with the advantage that this recycled concrete allows drainage. Therefore, with this material it is possible to make quite pronounced undulations without the material crumbling or coming loose, but rather the structure and the shape it was given will remain well fixed.

You can learn more and get more recommendations on our blog. But if you want to learn from scratch or improve the techniques you already know, we offer you the opportunity to do it if you enroll in our classes. We teach them in all our locations in South Florida, both in Spanish and English. You only have to check the next dates, locations and language in which they will be taught so you can choose the right one for you. Call or visit us.

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