How to make a quote for an installation project of artificial grass or ivy?

How to make a quote for an installation project of artificial grass or ivy?

To get that job, the most important thing to take into account is:

  • Show them two quotes separately: labor and installation. With the estimated price to invest in materials and the cost for installation.
  • Don't give them only one quote with everything mixed as a total price.


And there are many reasons why we recommend this:

1) Every contractor must make sure that the client is very clear about their needs and expectations regarding the artificial grass project. For that, contractors must offer different options and alternatives that may apply to the field for each type of project. For example, the materials are very different on a project that will have a low traffic, over a high traffic space, and everything changes if the artificial grass will be used to play games, or on a pool area, or to play sports, etc.


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1. Before presenting a quote, the installer must verify if the materials the project requires are available (as there are products in high demand throughout the year and particular times of high demand), and if not all of them are available at the moment, check-in when they will be available at stores for sale again.

2. From the beginning of the project, it is important to specify all the costs involved in the installation of the artificial grass project, including materials and labor per installation.

3. Specify the date on the quote, because if the client signs after that day and a price variation occurs in the materials, the client has to assume the increase, since it has nothing to do with the installer.

4. The contractor must always offer the client the same price that the customer would pay if they decided to do a cost check or purchase the materials on their own. For this reason, specifying the date on the quote is important, because if there is any variation in prices after that date, it will not be a fault on the part of the contractor.

5. The installer must always offer the best products, those with the highest quality, duration, and a proven guarantee.

But it is always a great idea to have a plan B of different options and prices with similar products, in lower price or quality. The client may want to lower the costs, but it is important to clarify that although they opt for different materials, it may lower material costs, but they do not lower the cost of installation. That is the main reason why it is recommended to quote separately for materials and labor.

In the quote, it is important to clarify that if during the installation process some unforeseen, failure or problem arises, it is not the responsibility of the contractor to pay or fix anything that has nothing to do with artificial grass installation and that those things may elongate the finish date for the installation job. In that case, they must make a contractor-client agreement.

The same thing applies if the client decides to add any requests that were not contemplated in the original quote or that it alters the initial plan since that may probably need to add other materials or reinforcement of other areas, etc.

Finally, our top recommendation is that it is always better to be as transparent as possible with the client about all the work and materials it takes to make a professional installation of artificial grass.


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