How to Choose the Right Infill for your Artificial Lawn

How to Choose the Right Infill for your Artificial Lawn

Whenever you’re installing artificial grass, the type of infill you use is a key component of achieving the look and feel that you’re going for. Turf infill not only supports the individual blades of grass and gives it its natural look, it also creates a cushion, or “bounce”, when you walk on it. Infill also protects the fabric mesh that anchors the turf. However, how you plan to use your artificial grass will affect the type of infill most suited for your turf. Keep scrolling to see the four different types of infill commonly used when installing a synthetic lawn.

 Crumb Rubber

Perhaps one of the most common types of turf infill is crumb rubber. Made from used automotive tires that have been shredded into small, smooth pieces, it has been proven safe for both kids and pets. This option is great for those with small children or animals and want a safe and soft anchor for their turf.

Sand or Silica Granules

Sand is a naturally smooth and cushiony infill base for artificial turf. Silica granules are also a good option as their irregular surface, while smooth, prevents them from settling and making the ground hard. Sand will naturally pack down harder than silica, but still makes for a cushioned base. Sand and silica can also both be colored green to blend in well with the artificial grass; and silica granules can also be coated with an anti-microbial polymer to slow down the growth of bacteria from pet waste or any debris that collects on the blades. While sand and silica both cost more than crumb rubber, they don’t break down as easy and are less likely to catch on clothing and fur and be tracked into a residence.


Perhaps the best option for those properties with frequent pet or young visitors. Enviroban’s Microban technology breaks down bacteria found on pet waste to prevent odors and stains - perfect for lawns that see a lot of activity. It also doesn’t become compacted and won’t cling to fabric or fur. Best of all, it is guaranteed for the life of your artificial grass.

Shell Tech

For those looking for a more organic approach, this infill is made from 100% walnut shells that have been ground into smooth granules. Shell tech is extremely durable, weather resistant and doesn’t produce any dust. Not only that, because this infill is 100% organic, it is hypoallergenic and no chemicals are at risk of leaching into a property’s soil.


Quickly becoming one of the most popular infill options, ZeoFill is made from sedimentary rock that has natural anti-microbial properties. It is also very absorbent, making it an ideal infill choice if your lawn is located in a poor drainage area, or sees a lot of usage from pets.


Durafill sand is one of the pricier options, but a good investment especially if you are an animal lover. Specifically formulated for pets, this infill is antimicrobial, doesn’t absorb moisture and stands up to the heaviest of traffic.

The options above may seem overwhelming but don’t worry. We are Florida’s leading experts in artificial grass. Check our any of our infill options HERE for any type of turf and find the most suitable for your lawn at the best price. Pick up or delivery from any of our locations is available.

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