How much water can you save by changing to artificial grass?

How much water can you save by changing to artificial grass?

The current trends of water consumption according to the "new water culture", are based on saving water, optimizing its processing, respect, and awareness towards this natural resource, its equitable distribution, and ecological and social valuation.

¿Cuánta agua hay en el planeta y cuánto se consume?

How much water is there on the planet and how much is consumed?

- From space, the Earth looks blue, as 70% of its surface is covered by water, but water is only a thin strip (0.023%) compared to the size of the planet. For example, if you wet an orange, the water that remains in the peel is the equivalent of all the water on Earth.

Jardin Diamond

- The Earth is 97.5% salt water and only 2.5% freshwater. Of that amount, only 0.007% of the total is available for human consumption and is found in lakes, rivers, streams, soil moisture, and relatively shallow subway reservoirs. Much of this water is found far from populated areas, making it difficult or impossible to use effectively.



Water for human consumption





- And there is more: 69.7% of fresh water is frozen at the poles or in glaciers, 30% is below the surface in aquifers, and 0.3% in rivers and lakes. Yet it is this little water that has made life on Earth possible.

Water at the poles or glaciers

Water below the surface

Water in rivers and streams





Agua dulce, Diamond artificial grass


- Drinking water withdrawals have tripled in the last 50 years and it is estimated that 65% is used daily for agriculture, 25% for industry, and only 10% for domestic consumption.


Water for agriculture

Water for industry

Water for human consumption





- The United States, because of its vast size, is the third-largest water-consuming country on the planet. It consumes 1,582.5 billion cubic meters per year. On average, each U.S. citizen consumes 2,842 cubic meters of water per year.


What should we do?

- It is absolutely essential to consume water responsibly. We need a new water culture based on saving, using, and optimizing water management.

- Avoiding pollution is fundamental, because due to environmental pollution (wastewater, discharges into the atmosphere, solid waste, the use of agrochemicals, etc.), a significant fraction of the available freshwater suffers damage. According to UNESCO, 80% of wastewater returns to the ecosystem without any treatment.

- It does not seem far-fetched to say that, although the amount of water available on the planet is sufficient to cover the needs of the population, its excessive and incorrect consumption in many countries and its scarcity in others could lead to a serious shortage in a few years' time. The UN predicts that by 2050 a quarter of the world's population will live in countries with a chronic lack of clean water and the global demand for freshwater will grow by more than 40%. This is alarming.

In view of this situation, a change in current consumption trends is necessary according to the so-called "new water culture".


What can you do to save water inside the home?

- A simple act such as choosing a shower, instead of a bath, could help save immense amounts of water.

- Also, reduce the amount of time you spend under the shower. Think of a shower as the equivalent of 90 bottles of water, and an act as simple as emptying the toilet tank as 10 bottles of water.

agua, Diamond artificial grass


How much water does it take to water a garden with a natural lawn?

- Did you know that approximately 70% of your household's water consumption goes to irrigation? For example, a 10.7 square foot area needs 42 gallons per month (which is a standard measure of what a landscaped area needs to show us its best). This includes pool areas or common areas in residential developments.

Land extension

Amount of water needed

10,7 sq. ft.

42 gallons per month


¿Cuánta agua se necesita gastar para regar un jardín con césped natural?


How expensive is it to water and maintain a natural grass lawn?

The high annual cost of watering and maintaining a natural lawn is one of the first issues that arise when choosing this option. In addition to the fact that it is not very ecological and not at all friendly with the serious global water situation that the planet is suffering.

We must even consider that in some states of this country where there are not enough water sources and water must be transported through long pipes, a higher tax is charged or even the use of natural grass is prohibited. But this expense of water and money can be avoided with an alternative such as the use of artificial grass, because believe it or not, when installing synthetic grass you get other savings and benefits. Here we give you the information: “Can you really save money by switching to artificial grass? Learn how”.

Reducing water consumption is vital. We have a duty to nature, which provides us with so much. Otherwise, our future and that of all the world's ecosystems would be in grave danger.

When switching to synthetic grass in Diamond Artificial Grass we give our clients a diploma that certifies them as a WATER HERO


By making the environmentally-conscious decision to switch to artificial turf you are helping to save an average of 55 gallons of water per square foot per year.

If you are interested in this topic and want to learn more about the world of artificial turf, its advantages, installation tips, advice, and recommendations, we invite you to read the articles on our blog, where you will find the most varied and complete information for both installers and customers looking for the best options for their home, commercial, sports or recreational areas.

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