Everything you need to install artificial grass correctly  (Part 1)

Everything you need to install artificial grass correctly (Part 1)

In this blog post, we will share the mandatory requirements to ​​install synthetic grass, if you want to decorate, create a playground, transform a driveway, front yard, backyard, or for a spot for pets, or to play sports. In the next blog post, we will explain what products, machinery, and tools are needed to carry out the final work and its subsequent maintenance.  


Wait! First things first:

-The first thing to do is make sure the county or particular locality allows the installation of synthetic grass on a residential or commercial property. If it is allowed, ask for an inspection of the land, calling the 811 telephone number that works for the entire country, and after their visit and recommendations, the area demarcation flags that they recommend should be placed. You can find complete information on this topic in this article "Checklist for Clients and Contractors to take into account before installing artificial grass in a property

            Checklist que cliente y contratista deben tomar en cuenta antes de instalar grama artificial en residencia o comercio  Checklist que cliente y contratista deben tomar en cuenta antes de instalar grama artificial en residencia o comercio

Now, these are the steps to follow to start an installation project:

  1.  Clean and level the ground

- Two days before the installation, apply a special weed killer (liquid) that you can get at stores that sell gardening products, to guarantee that the weed does not grow back. If you just pluck it out without killing the root, you will see it sprout again in no time.



 - After those two days, remove all the topsoil (natural grass, branches, shrubs, and undergrowth). Excavate the entire surface 4 to 6 inches minimum until it reaches the sandy part, and then flatten and level the ground. This procedure can be done manually, or better with the Compactor Plate machine that you can rent in our Diamond stores.

                                                             Compactor Plate 

                            Compactor Plate


  1. Add weed barrier

- That is the next step, as this mesh generates greater protection of the artificial grass and prevents new outbreaks of weeds. At Diamond Artificial Grass we offer them in 300, 1500, and 2500 square feet.

Weed Barrier Weed Barrier Weed Barrier

You can find all the details and advice on weeding the ground, compacting, and placing the weed barrier in the article “How to avoid weed outbreaks in artificial grass? Find out in 5 steps"


  1. It is necessary to guarantee a good drainage

- Now that the area where the grass will go is prepared, it is important to make sure you have good water drainage both on the roofs and on the ground, especially in the driveways or in installations on concrete, terraces, balconies, and areas for pets. About the drainage of the roofs, you can read this blog post: "Gutters and artificial grass: How to avoid damage to the installation?

- For the drainage of the land, the Drain Tiles that you can buy in our stores are these (). These tiles are sold individually so you can buy only the ones you need. They all have an easy and special system so that the tiles can be joined together.

                     Drain Tile  Drain Tile

This article "Top tips for a professional installation of artificial grass in driveways" has all the information on the importance of drainage of the land and tips to install them properly.


  1. The greatness about Poly Boards

-In the previous article you will also learn about the great utility of Poly Boards since they are essential to guarantee a correct and durable installation of synthetic grass. Poly Boards () easily adapt to any type of terrain (linear or circular) to establish limits on the perimeter or separations from other areas, as well as to serve for the synthetic grass to be fixed with staples on its surface so that it does not move and does not wrinkle the mantle. You can get the Poly Boards and all their accessories (the stakes or Poly Boards Stakes that are driven into the ground to fix the Poly Board and the appropriate nails to secure them) in all our stores.

          Poly Boards   Poly Boards


- The Edging also fulfills the functions of the Poly Boards and is quite flexible, only that they are narrower and are less visible to the naked eye. You can find them in plastic or aluminum and each type has its respective fixing materials:

                    Plastic Edging                                                     Aluminum Edging          

Plastic Edging    Aluminum Edging

Aluminum Edging - Stake adapter       Aluminum Stakes              Plastic Edging Spikes

Aluminum Edging - Stake adapter  Aluminum Stakes  Plastic Edging Spikes


  1. The security offered by the Play Foam

-When the synthetic grass project is going to be installed in an area for children's games, you have to reinforce the base under the artificial grass blanket with Play Foam sheets to create a “safety surface” or safe surface that generates greater shock absorption. To protect children whenever they fall or trip. In addition, in public places, it is a legal requirement. To learn more, read the article "How important is the use of play foam in artificial grass installations in children's playgrounds?

At Diamond Artificial Grass we have these types of Play Foam

                                      Play Foam -2"                                    Play Foam - 1.5"

Play Foam -2" Play Foam -2"   Play Foam - 1.5"

                            Lawn Shock Pad                                Golf Shock Pad

      Lawn Shock Pad   Golf Shock Pad


In the next blog post, we will explain what products, machinery, and tools are needed for the installation of synthetic grass and its subsequent maintenance. But first, make sure to read the previous articles and learn about the products we have available. Or if you prefer, visit us personally or make inquiries or ask your questions through our phones, mail, or social media. We are open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at different locations in South Florida.

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