Do you want to keep your artificial grass in optimal conditions? Add silica sand to it, learn why

Do you want to keep your artificial grass in optimal conditions? Add silica sand to it, learn why

If the silica sand is not added to the synthetic turf installation (as an infill), the artificial turf will immediately lose the 15-year warranty we offer.

Because the correct installation and appropriate use of the grass for its total durability and conservation require silica sand as indicated in our warranty certificate. Read here. Read here Landscape Warranty

What is the silica sand?

They are particles made of a combination of silica and oxygen atoms in the form of tiny grains with a texture and color similar to beach sand.

Types of silica sand for various artificial turf use

All types of artificial turf can be used for various purposes (landscaping, pet, recreation, walkways, sports, decorative, playground), but what really defines the system of use is the type of infill that is added to the turf.

At Diamond, we sell Turfill brand silica sand.

1) This Silica Sand Infill - 20/30 - 50Lb Bag, is the most generic we recommend for all types of installations.

Silica Sand Infill

2) The ZeoDorizer - 14/30 de 40 lb is recommended for a synthetic grass system that is going to be used by pets. This is the only organic infill, and it is made from a 100% natural soil resource. It has components that filter the urine so that it does not turn into ammonia, so it works to control odors from organic animal waste. Keep in mind that it is not recommended to mix this type of sand with a different type of sand.


3) EnviroFill 50lb Ba (only sold by pre-order). It is also recommended for systems with pets because it contains Microban brand antibacterials that will guarantee the elimination of bacterial reproduction and control odors produced by organic animal waste.

                   EnviroFill EnviroFill

4) Cooling sand-hydrochill is the best infill for a children's playground because it keeps the turf cooler due to its ability to cool up to 50 degrees from the initial temperature in very hot areas or, in general, in the summer season.

                   Cooling sand-hydrochillCooling sand-hydrochill

This sand is recommended to use in a pool area, or where you need to walk barefoot or sit in swimwear without the elevated temperatures being transferred to the grass. 


5) Golf courses should be filled with  Silica Sand Infill - Golf - 30/65 de 50 lb because it has much smaller and finer grains. 

                     Silica Sand Infill - Golf - 30/65 de 50 lb 

All of these non-pet sand types can be used and mixed together without any problems.

Characteristics of the different types of silica sand

1) Regular beach sand is angular, and it should never be applied into artificial grass, because it has an irregular surface with angles, edges, and points. Therefore, the friction between them causes a sandpaper effect that can corrode the grass fibers to the point of pulverizing them. In addition, this angular shape causes the particles to compact together because they adhere to each other and form a hard surface that hinders water drainage.

arena que es angular

2) That is why we only offer non-angular silica sand, which has crystals with a rounded and smooth surface that does not compact and allows good drainage thanks to the space created between the particles. On the other hand, the sand is washed and completely dry to ensure that it has no accumulated dust or moisture because if it is added wet, lumps will form, and it will not settle well at the base of the grass. Another advantage of this type of sand is that since it has a smooth surface, it does not retain water and prevents fungus from growing.s.

cristales no angulares

Benefits of the silica sand:

  • It adds weight to the artificial turf so that it always remains stable, and in place.

  • It prevents the turf from wrinkling.

  • It gives protection and durability to the grass fibers because it absorbs most of the traffic and friction on its surface.

  • Prevents the synthetic turf from tearing when pets dig on the surface of the grass because the sand acts as a protective layer.

  • It gives firmness to the artificial turf and makes it feel like real grass.

  • Makes walking on the turf feel very comfortable

  • It does not allow the grass fibers to twist to a specific side but forces them to stay straight and firm because it occupies all the spaces between each fiber. If the fibers are twisted to one side, the grass will look very artificial, because the reflection of the sun will make it look very shiny or with a white tone.

How much silica sand should be applied on the lawn and how

To know these and other interesting details, read the following article Silica Sand or Infill, is it really necessary in projects of artificial turf?.

 Arena o Infill


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