Discover the benefits of the Shock Pad on artificial grass

Discover the benefits of the Shock Pad on artificial grass

At Diamond Artificial Grass, we share tips and recommendations for contractors and end users so that when installing an artificial turf project, you get the best experience. That's why we will dedicate this blog post to explain the features, uses and benefits of the Shock Pad, because this is a very useful complement to provide stability, comfort and beauty to the installation. 

What are Shock Pads?

This material is a thin rubber pad with perforated channels to facilitate drainage. It is used on top of the base of the ground to be under the artificial turf. The sheet of shock pads come in a 500 square foot 5' x 100' size and are 10 millimeters thick. Get them online here

Shock Pads

Shock Pads were designed to be used in three types of projects:

  1. for golf and putting green areas
  2. in landscaping or hardscaping areas
  3. for sports fields.

Shock Pads

Characteristics and uses of the Shock Pads

  1. Due to its elasticity, the Shock Pad sinks when walking over it, or when balls or any other element falls on it, but it immediately recovers its original shape, leaving no marks left behind by footprints or blows. The most important thing is that the base of the ground will never be affected by any impact because all contact will always be directly on the Shock Pad and the synthetic turf.

  2. Because of its ability to always maintain the original shape and avoid wrinkles and undulations, the Shock Pad allows the synthetic turf to look always beautiful and impeccable.

  3. Due to the type of material it is made of, the Shock Pad is sensitive to temperature differences. Therefore, when it receives the sun's heat, it expands and then, when it cools down, it shrinks until it regains its original structure.

Shock Pad on golf courses or putting greens

The Shock Pad is placed on the ground and molds perfectly to the base, creating a smooth and uniform surface that makes any imperfection of the terrain (unevenness, undulations, sinking) imperceptible. Then, when the synthetic grass cover is laid on top of these sheets, the surface will look perfect, smooth and stretched. That is why it is especially recommended in golf courses, because the grass used in these facilities are made of very flat fibers to secure a good sliding of the balls. And if the Shock Pad is not applied, all the irregularities of the terrain will be noticed

Shock Pad en canchas de golf o putting green


Shock Pad in landscaping or recreational areas

With the Shock Pad, the grass feels very soft and it is very pleasant to walk on, or to play, or exercise in landscaping or recreational areas. However, it is important to know that the Shock Pad is not a substitute for the Playground Pad, therefore, it is not suitable to absorb shocks or falls from any height. In other words, it does not fulfill the same function as a safety surface but only provides comfort and softness.

Shock Pad en áreas de landscaping o recreación

Shock Pad in sports courts

This material is especially recommended for sports fields that may be in outdoor or indoor areas with concrete floors because it cushions jumps or sudden movements and the impact of players' runs, especially on their knees.

Shock Pad en canchas deportivas

How to install the Shock Pad

Like the Play Foam, these sheets should not be glued or tacked to the floor or edges. These materials should be left loose under the synthetic turf so that they can move sideways due to movement and impacts received, as well as sink and return to their initial shape when they are no longer under the pressure of people walking, running or playing on the grass. In the article "How important is the use of play foam in artificial grass installations in children's playgrounds?" you can see details about how to place the Play Foam to do the same with the Shock Pad.

Play Foam

Because of its great usefulness, both Shock Pads are always available in all our stores.

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