Checklist for Clients and Contractors to take into account before installing artificial grass in a property

Checklist for Clients and Contractors to take into account before installing artificial grass in a property

Before starting an artificial grass installation project, it is necessary to take into account a series of elements, which at Diamond Artificial Grass we share, thanks to the experience of more than 10 years in the artificial grass business.

  • In the first place, before hiring specialized personnel and buying the materials, you should learn more about the county regulations on this aspect. So, we recommend the client to locate the precise sources of information on this subject and make them known to the contractor so no one breaks the law when installing.

  • Second, you must know exactly what the land measurements of the property are, especially if it is adjacent to another. In this way, unnecessary expenses, loss of time and any possible problem due to inappropriate use of spaces will be avoided. Therefore, the installer must ensure that the customer gives him the precise measurements of the allowed areas before drawing up the overall budget for the artificial grass project.

  • Third, you need to set the limits for the area throughout the installation process. For this, special flags of specific colors and sizes are used. In this way, installers are warned about the limits of the work, in addition to serving as signaling on various aspects to take into account that we will see in detail. Also, the flags warn neighbors about the work in progress within the designated space.

Who should mark the limits of the area?

Those who hire the worker when making the purchase of the artificial grass will receive the flags to be in charge of delimiting the space before starting the installation. This work will be your total responsibility because it is not within the functions of the installers. Also, at Diamond Artificial Grass we can guide you. You will see that it is very easy.


Important steps prior to demarcation

Let's see other aspects that must be taken into account so that the entire installation process is successful and is carried out in the expected time and without increasing the stipulated budget.


1) You have to find out if underneath the land that will be covered with artificial grass have underground water pipes, drainage, electricity, gas, etc. In the event that this is the case, it is important to mark it with a flag of a certain color that differentiates it from the others. But if there are no specifications in the document, there is no problem, because you still have to do what is indicated in the next point.

2) Even if you have identified possible pipe or cable installations in the field, it is mandatory that before excavating or drilling the surface you visit the website or contact the 811 number by phone. This nationwide number is in charge of making free links throughout the country with public service provider offices to request that each of them carry out inspections of their systems or facilities in the properties that make the request before starting an excavation.

The aim is to identify all the facilities and the depth of the public service systems that are underneath the land, to warn about the specific sites in which excavations can be carried out or where it is not allowed. This needs to be confirmed before doing any excavation to avoid possible damages or interruptions of services due to improper manipulation in the structures, as well as unforeseen expenses and, of course, not to cause minor or serious accidents to the people who must work in the field.

If the grass installation project is very small or large, it is also mandatory to contact 811 for your own safety. Even if there is a mark left by a previous inspection, for this new installation you must reapply for 811 services because there are certain structures or cables that may have changed due to soil erosion or the movement of the roots of the plants near the area to be used.

It is very important that the installer makes sure that the area has been completely checked and demarcated with the respective flags of each public service before starting the contracted work. Likewise, the owner must clearly indicate all the points where the sprinklers are located to avoid breakages and water leaks.

Warning to neighbors


The use of flags is also necessary to indicate to the neighbors around you which are the limits of the land when both properties share the same space and do not have visible divisions. In addition, the flags can indicate a work in progress, so everyone around the installation knows what is happening.

Can I choose the colors of the flags to differentiate the areas?

You can only choose certain colors to demarcate the perimeter or the sector that adjoins the neighbors, because by international convention there are colors reserved exclusively to identify water or electricity or gas pipes, etc. \


Let's see the following guide below:

  • The initially proposed area is marked with white flags.
  • Gas lines are marked with yellow flags.
  • Power lines are marked with red flags.
  • Drinking water is marked with blue flags.
  • Irrigation water is marked with purple flags.
  • Sewers or waste waters are marked with green flags.
  • Communication cables are marked with orange flags.


Aesthetics and savings with the use of synthetic grass

If the installation of artificial grass on your property is going to be visible from the outside, it will surely stand out from the other nearby houses or residences, especially those on the sides to yours, especially in areas where there are marked differences in the seasons. For example, in the winter and summer periods the natural grass can look ugly. On the contrary, artificial grass gardens will keep their beauty all year round. So, what can you do so that not only your garden shines in your residential area but also the gardens of your neighbors and thus enhance the entire street? Well, try to convince them to install synthetic grass too, since in addition to improving the appearance it is a source of savings and profitability.

Yes, read this super interesting post to check that out: “Can you really save by switching to artificial grass? How?" (


For more information, advice and suggestions, contact us or visit us at any of our stores. At Diamond Artificial Grass we are experts with 10 years of experience in the interesting business of artificial grass and all the products and tools necessary for its installation and maintenance.


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