Can you really save money by switching to artificial grass? Learn how

Can you really save money by switching to artificial grass? Learn how

Have you ever met someone who owns a space that could turn into a sports zone or recreational area such as a soccer field, a swimming pool, a playground or a spot for pets but wasn't sure what to choose between natural or artificial grass?

Our recommendation is that an artificial grass project works best for many reasons. Check on our page all the options that we can offer for each type of project in particular. You can see in the photo gallery many before and after transformations. Our experience of more than ten years in this business has prepared us to show you a list of reasons that can help anyone make a decision that will bring many benefits and savings in the short, medium and long term. Here we explain them to you:

Time to enjoy

Synthetic grass saves a lot of time that you can use to enjoy your newly transformed space. Non-natural grass only needs preventive maintenance every six months by personnel that we can recommend to you at Diamond Artificial Grass. All the rest of the time is to enjoy.


Minimum care

Artificial grass requires minimum care if all the steps are followed correctly and professionally from the beginning of the installation. You can learn how to take care of your artificial turf in our Diamond University classes.

Zero replacement

When you install synthetic grass, you can use it for up to 15 years without any unnecessary replacements or reinstallation. Only if the artificial grass suffers some damage in a specific place, it will be necessary to correct that area only, without affecting the entire landscape or having to make a great expense.

Less water

Reducing water waste is very important, both for economic savings and for helping the planet. But if you install artificial grass, you will keep an always green yard without the hassle of watering, while saving money on water bills.


Help the environment

We must be aware of the need to contribute to the preservation of nature and the well-being of everyone who lives on our planet, that is why there are many cities in which the installation of synthetic grass is being promoted, to reduce water consumption. There are even places where monetary compensation is being given to those who replace the natural grass. So you can both save water and help the environment while gaining money.


On the other hand, artificial grass does not need pesticides and herbicides so you’re also not adding pollutants to the environment when you change to fake grass.

You can also reduce environmental heat and promote air circulation with synthetic grass, because it reduces the heat that accumulates on flat surfaces when it is covered.

More durability 

When making the decision to install artificial grass, it’s very important to get the best professional installation services, and make sure they use products of proven quality to get a good investment that in the medium and long term will bring significant savings. Synthetic grass will guarantee many years of peace of mind knowing that the project will give optimal results. At Diamond Artificial Grass we gladly provide advice and clarify all doubts about products, contractors and services so that the project meets all the client's expectations. Call us or chat with us on WhatsApp, or visit us at any of our stores. Go straight to the link

Less hiring of services

With the installation of artificial grass, the annual payment for specialized garden maintenance is reduced to the bare minimum because it would only require preventive maintenance about twice a year.

Cost effectiveness

You can also earn money by having artificial grass. Did you know? Yes, you'll see how.

If you have a piece of land in your home or office, and you install artificial grass in it, you’ll be adding value to your property, while giving it a good appearance, and adding another place to enjoy.

Another way to add value to a property with synthetic grass is when you use it for commercial advertising like using it for logos, letters or wall decorations. This will add originality and transform any space by making it more welcoming. Get inspired on our photo gallery


As you have seen, there are many benefits of installing artificial grass. To summarize, take into account all the possible savings that artificial grass offers: time to enjoy, less usage of water to contribute to the environment, minimum care, added value to your property.


By purchasing artificial grass the buyer is helping the world save thousands of gallons of water annually. That is why at Diamond Artificial Grass the client will receive a diploma that certifies him as a Water Hero!


Do you want to know more about the use of professional artificial grass?

Join our classes at Diamond University and learn all about the use and benefits of artificial grass. Get more information at


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