Bow-WOW 5 Reasons Your Dog Will Love Artificial Grass

Bow-WOW 5 Reasons Your Dog Will Love Artificial Grass

Your pooch is more than just your pal - he’s part of your family. If you live in South Florida, you may be considering installing artificial turf but are worried Rover is going to hate it. Fear not, dogs love quality artificial grass. Honestly, they can’t tell the difference. Here’s our top five reasons why your furry friend will love artificial grass.

 It Feels like Natural Grass

If there’s one thing dogs love. It’s going for a good romp outside. Your dog obviously doesn’t care about the aesthetics of the grass. He’s just interested in going for a good roll and perhaps a run to burn off some energy. Here’s where natural grass starts to fall short. Initially, the grass was nice and fluffy but after laying or rolling for a while, the grass goes flat as a pancake. The only way to fluff it up again is by scratching or digging at it with his nails. Which in turn ruins your lawn and cuts short his frolick. Poor pup.

With artificial turf, your four-footed friend can flop about to his heart’s content with no fear of it flattening. Even if the fake grass does flatten a bit in high traffic areas, you can quickly and easily refluff the blades with a broom. Your pooch may not be able to dig holes anymore, but now you can spend more time taking him on walks or playing fetch instead of lawn repair.

No Poisonous Materials

Are you worried that artificial grass is filled with toxic chemicals? Rest assured all synthetic turf arrives to your home toxin free and is safe for you and your family. Because you don’t have to deal with weeds or other pests, no chemicals need to be applied to keep it looking beautiful. Also, as it doesn’t grow and therefore doesn’t produce pollen, your pup won’t ever have to deal with itchy and annoying grass allergens.

It’s Cleaner than Natural Grass

As you know, live grass requires maintenance. Leftover clippings and debris from mowing have a funny way of being tracked into your home whenever your pooch comes inside from doing his business. Speaking of “business”, live grass also tends towards bald patches, which then became mud holes whenever it rains; increasing the odds that your pup will track mud back into your home. With artificial grass, all of these problems are eliminated leaving you with more time to relax and enjoy your furry friend.

It Can be Used Creatively

Even the most chilled out dog loves a good romp every now and again, especially on those lovely sunny days we get in Florida. With artificial grass especially engineered for dogs, your four-footed friend can run in circles for hours on end with no damage done.

Want to customize your pooch’s pad? There’s no end of the ways you can upgrade your dog’s house with synthetic grass. Why not cover the roof with a plush layer of artificial turf for the ultimate comfortable lookout? Or you can create the best doggy dream house with a carpet of synthetic turf that’ll keep your pal cool, clean and comfy all year long. For the creative dog owner, there’s no end of ways to surprise and delight your pup with artificial grass.

People Love It

Dog is “man’s best friend” after all, so if you love it - he’s sure to love it as well.

Talk to the South Florida experts in fake grass, Diamond Artificial Grass,  for more information on how synthetic turf can improve you and your pet’s quality of life.

If you’re still unsure about artificial turf, or just want to go over your different options in more detail, the team at Diamond Artificial Grass is here to help you on your journey! Call us at  844.579.6887 or email us at

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