Artificial grass maintenance? Here is everything you need to know about it

Artificial grass maintenance? Here is everything you need to know about it

The reality is that the durability of the project will be mostly determined by how great and detailed the installation process, and if the installers did all the steps perfectly, the artificial grass can maintain in great condition for up to 15 years.

To achieve this, it is necessary to carry out: 

  1. Preventive maintenance by the client on an ongoing basis;

  2. Corrective treatment by experts when the project needs it and 

  3. Scheduled maintenance with the contractor two to four times a year.


Hemos llegado a un tema muy importante sobre los proyectos de césped sintético: el mantenimiento.


  • 1 - Preventive maintenance

- As soon as the installation of the project is completed, the first general maintenance must be scheduled with the contractor company.

- The client must make a continuous check of the entire area.

What to do:

- Inspect the entire area every week or two, and if you notice any problems or damage, make sure to fix it promptly, or call an expert.

- Verify the drainage is working perfectly.

- The surface of the artificial grass must be cleaned in the opposite direction to the fibers to remove fallen leaves and branches from trees, any waste left by children, pets or blown by the wind. This can be done with a hand rake or Turf Rake.

Turf Rake

-To clean any substance that was spilled over the artificial grass, you only need water, liquid soap (such as Dawn) and a manual brush.

-In pet areas, cleaning should be done more frequently and thoroughly to avoid the accumulation of waste and bad odors. After cleaning, apply PE-51 antibacterial spray or URICIDE to control odors and bacteria. 


-If you spot any weed sprouts, just spray a little weed killer liquid and pull them out after a few days after being sprayed.

-Si se observan brotes de maleza, rociar un poco de líquido matamalezas (weed killer) y a los pocos días arrancarlos.

- After that, remove without dragging heavy objects or furniture that has been placed on the grass to avoid crushing the grass fibers and make them weaker or detached.


  • 2- Corrective maintenance or repairs

Some damages occur in synthetic grass despite good care because in many cases they are caused by an incident. These problems must be resolved as quickly as possible to maintain durability of the installation and its good appearance.

Situations that require corrective maintenance:

- Melting:

  1. due to having placed a very hot object on the grass or a barbecue ember has fallen on it.
  2. due to having passed the cleaning machine for a long time and the heat of the motor damages it.

- Discoloration and melting:

  1. due to the direct incidence of the sun's reflection caused by some shiny metal object or heat-reflective glass (magnifying glass effect),
  2. due to the reflection of white fences that bounce the heat and the reflection of the sun towards the grass. (*These problems can be avoided before installation. Find out how in this blog post: Top 3 tips to prevent artificial grass from melting.

- Tears caused by an object.

- Pet bites.

- Cut by the blades of a natural grass mower that is next to the artificial grass.

- Damage from the fall of some corrosive or bleaching chemical, or some glue or chewing gum.

- Greasy leaves by pot of oils and fats, especially in the grass of driveways or parking areas caused by vehicles.

For all these cases or any other, it is necessary to consult with experts or with the installing contractor to evaluate the damage and apply the appropriate correction in time before the problem worsens and the repair gets more expensive.


You can save!

There is also a very important source of savings, because at the end of the installation the client must keep all the leftover material, especially the scraps and loose strips of grass. This could save the cost of a new turf purchase if an area needs to be repaired, and also ensures that it is the same type of grass as the rest of the project.


También hay una fuente de ahorro muy importante, pues al terminar la instalación el cliente debe guardar todo el material de sobra
  • Maintenance to be carried out by the contractor

Full maintenance should be scheduled with the contractor two to four times a year, on a case-by-case basis.

Steps to follow:

- Carry out a deep cleaning of the artificial grass to eliminate possible weeds or small shoots that have grown, especially from roots or seeds brought by birds or the wind, by using Turf Rake or Power Broom.

Power Broom

- If there is some detachment of the grass, apply glue or fix it with staples on the ground or the Poly Boards.

- Then refill the lawn with silica sand where necessary, or replace it with a new one if it is contaminated or if it is convenient to use another one.

limpiar las hojas del pasto que se hayan llenado de arena

- After that, the grass will return to their original shape, and the filling will settle towards the base.

- If there is glue or gum on the grass fibers, just apply Mineral Spirits to eliminate them.

- If there is grease on the grass near an entrance, parking lot or barbecue area, it is necessary to deep clean with hot water, liquid soap (like Dawn) and finish with a manual brush for artificial grass. Then spread the antibacterial and odor control liquid. And when it dries

escoba eléctrica o manual para dejarlo impecable de nuevo.

Si quieres conocer todos los productos necesarios para realizar una exitosa instalación profesional no dudes en ponerte en contacto con nosotros y visitarnos en cualquiera de nuestras tiendas del sur de Florida.

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