A Guide to Artificial Grass Maintenance

A Guide to Artificial Grass Maintenance

While synthetic turf can save you hundreds of dollars, and hours of time compared to a natural lawn, there are still a few things a homeowner should do to keep their artificial grass in tip-top shape. Not sure where to begin? Don’t worry, we’ve put together a simple guide to keeping your fake grass looking bright and healthy all year long.

Keep it Tidy

Just as a natural yard may accumulate dust, leaves and debris, so does an artificial one. Seasons like spring and fall are particularly messy for any homeowner. It may seem obvious, but making sure to remove this garden waste as quickly as possible is the first step in maintaining the excellence of your fake grass. Begin by removing any bigger waste matter by hand and use a rake or air blower to remove any leaves. What’s truly wonderful about an artificial lawn is that you can be a bit more gung-ho with your cleaning methods. Whip out your shop vacuum to really remove any debris lodged in your synthetic turf or, if you’re a gadget lover, you can use a power broom. A power broom resembles a rototiller and not only removes any debris from your turf, but also “fluffs’ the infill; making sure your artificial grass looks better for longer.

Pet Waste

If you have a pet, especially a dog, waste removal is part of your daily routine. With safe, quality synthetic grass you can rest assured that your lawn will resist stains and odor; especially if you use a pet-friendly infill.

While you can wait for the rain to wash away pet waste like it does on natural grass, a quick rinse with a hose immediately after your pooch has done its business will make your artificial grass instantly fresh again. Hosing off your turf is also a quick way to remove any pollen, dust or other tiny debris lodged in your lawn.

Don’t Forget to Fluff

As your friends, family and pets enjoy your artificial lawn it will begin to flatten over time. Obviously, the same thing happens with natural grass but that’s where the similarities end. While high foot traffic on a synthetic lawn just needs a bit of a “fluff” to restore it to its glory, high traffic on a natural lawn can damage and even completely kill the grass. By using a push broom, rake or power broom every three months on your fake grass, you can help maintain it and keep it in prime condition.

Brushing your synthetic grass not only returns the individual blades to their proper upright position, but also aerates the top layer of infill which anchors the blades. This helps reinvigorate your infill, and restore it to its original buoyancy; as well as release any airborne contaminants that can become trapped in the infill.

Call the Professionals

At Diamond Artificial Grass, fake grass is not only our job - it’s our passion. They are here to help you choose the best artificial grass for your Florida home. If you’re looking for a completely stress free lawn.

When it comes to your property - you only want to work with the best. At Diamond Artificial Grass, we pride ourselves on our commitment to helping our customers get the best quality synthetic turf at the best price.

We specialize in all areas of artificial landscape materials from synthetic turf and ivy, to the tools and accessories you use to maintain your artificial lawn.

If you’re still unsure about artificial turf, or just want to go over your different options in more detail, the team at Diamond Artificial Grass is here to help you on your journey! Call us at 844.579.6887 or email us at info@diamondartificialgrass.com

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