8 indispensable tools to install artificial grass efficiently

8 indispensable tools to install artificial grass efficiently

At Diamond Artificial Grass we sell and rent the products and equipment needed for a professional artificial grass installation, and we also offer classes in English and Spanish about all the processes of the installation to contractors, installers, and anyone who wants to learn about this interesting business with Diamond University. In addition, as a way to reinforce the knowledge we provide, we publish articles with varied and important topics about this world of synthetic turf in our blog.

In this article, we will share specific information about the right tools and equipment that can be used to make the work of laying synthetic turf much more agile and efficient. The idea is to save time and avoid unnecessary efforts.

    Turf Dolly   Turf Dolly

This tool saves time because it allows each roll of turf to be moved by only one person without great effort. Without this equipment, four or five people are needed to load and move the rolls, which is exhausting and can cause back problems due to the weight of the grass. However, it is recommended that the size of each roll be smaller than 15 x 50 sft for efficient performance and to avoid damage due to excess weight.

Honda Muck Truck

This is a small vehicle with a Honda engine that works like a wheelbarrow. It has four-wheel drive, is very strong, safe, and adapted to support and transport up to 1/4 ton. It is very useful for all phases of the project where heavy materials need to be moved because it is done with a less physical effort by the workers and in less time, with fewer people, it moves more materials per trip and with more safety.

Compactor Plate

Before installing synthetic turf, it is very important to flatten, compact, and level the ground. The most efficient way to do this, to save time and effort is to use the Compactor Plate machine. This equipment has tires, which makes it easy to move from one place to another without carrying it between two or three people. But the best of all is that only one person can achieve this with our Compactor Plate, since it has a water tank that irrigates the soil in front of the compactor to facilitate the process. While if it is done manually, two people are needed: one to water the soil and the other to compact the soil.

4) Invert Cutter o Seam Cutter

Invert Cutter o Seam Cutter

The inverted cutter is designed to cut the grass directly from the top without having to turn it over to make the cut. This feature makes the job much faster because it avoids the double effort of turning the heavy turf from one side to the other.

5) Straight Line Cutter

Straight Line Cutter

This is a tool that instead of cutting backward, i.e. towards the operator, cuts forwards. In this way, straight cuts can be made quickly and safely.

6) Handle-Push Stretcher:

Handle-Push Stretcher


With this tool, which has a strong grip on the grass, great effort and time are saved during installation because it is used to stretch and join large and heavy pieces of synthetic turf, thus avoiding wrinkles or deformations and creating imperceptible seams between the lines of the turf.

7) Infill Drop Spreader

Infill Drop Spreader

This lightweight, convenient, large-wheeled equipment is a sand spreader to distribute the product quickly, neatly, and evenly (no clumps) across the entire surface of the turf.

8) Power Broom:

Power Broom

After spreading the sand, the synthetic turf should be brushed to allow the infill to settle at the base, remove leaves and debris from the surface, and to lift the grass fibers that were trapped by the sand. With this tool, which works with a gasoline engine, the job is done in a faster and more efficient way. It is also very useful for the preventive maintenance phase.

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