6 reasons to install artificial turf in the pet area

6 reasons to install artificial turf in the pet area

Pets deserve a clean, pleasant, and safe area to play and rest. And so do you! -Or your client-. So, listen up: this is what will happen if you change the natural grass to synthetic grass in the pet area:

1) When it rains. If it rains and your pet is out in the playground, it won't get mud on its paws and bring all the dirt inside.

2) About digging holes. The pet won't be able to dig holes to hide its treasures or small hunted animals that would usually lay on the ground if it were covered with real grass.

3) Easy maintenance. There is no mowing or constant maintenance required for artificial grass. In addition, pets would not be frightened by noisy machines. And best of all, it is a great time and money saver in the long run.

4) Zero toxicity. Synthetic grass is non-toxic and has no components that cause allergies to pets.

5) No odors. Non-real grass is very easy to clean and keep odor-free. It only requires the necessary water to remove debris and then apply special odor control liquids that won't cause any harm to pets. In Diamond Artificial Grass we offer the URICIDE, get it online.

URICIDE6) Beautiful grass all year long. Artificial grass doesn't lose its shape and beauty no matter how much your pets run and roll on it. You only have to brush the grass periodically with the Power Broom that we rent or sell in all our stores, to lift the fibers that bent.

Power Broom

Is there a specific type of synthetic turf for pets?

Of course, there are several types. However, the best advice we give to our contractors and customers is that no matter what type of grass you -or the client- chooses, the most important thing is that after the installation, the turf must be filled with Triple Z Zeolite because it was specially made for pet areas. Secondly, apply the URICIDE liquid mentioned above.

Triple Z Zeolite

As for the types of synthetic grass that work best for pets, you can see on the page or in our stores a great variety, of their characteristics and prices through this link collections. The best two types of artificial grass that we can recommend are: K9 Lush y Canine Pro.

                        9 Lush         Canine Pro

How to install artificial turf for the pet area

The first thing to consider is that the area must have a drainage system so that the ground does not become waterlogged when it rains or when it needs to be cleaned with water to remove pet waste. In addition, Drain Tiles should be installed under the synthetic turf to facilitate drainage. 

Drain Tiles

On the other hand, when thinking about installing synthetic turf, it is important to make sure that it is placed in an area that is safe for pets. That is why it is necessary to surround the entire perimeter that will be covered with artificial grass with nailer board to hold the grass on its edges with special staples and not run the risk of harming the pets if they manage to detach the grass because it would remain attached to the nailer boards. For the joints between the grass blades, it is also recommended to use staples and not nails.

               nailer board  nailer board

The use of nailer boards is especially recommended for playgrounds, sports facilities, and professional landscaping installations.

nailer boards

Once the non-real grass is ready to be used by the pet, the client can have peace of mind for 15 years if it makes sure to follow the use and maintenance recommendations to keep the warranty. That's why at Diamond Artificial Grass,we provide the best advice and support for you and your client's happiness.

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Don't waste any time, your pets will be happy and you will be grateful for all the benefits. Contact us now! Visit our showrooms, text us or call us and we will respond immediately Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm at any of our stores located in South Florida, we are waiting for you!

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